MySCAD Frequently Asked Questions

Is this secure?

MySCAD uses HTTPS communication during the login process and in all your interaction with the MyInfo section, formerly known as BannerWeb.

The MySCAD Web portal is designed to protect the transmission of sensitive data but also to allow the efficient transport of other data. The SSL encryption of data is computationally intensive, so we do not want to encrypt the entire site.

Why doesn't the lock appear in my browser when I'm on the login page?

The login page uses frames, which may cause problems with the lock appearing on your browser. You can check properties of the page to view information about the connection and the certificate. In Internet Explorer, choose File, then Properties.

How do I get a user ID and password?

MySCAD is for all Savannah College of Art and Design students, faculty and staff. Enter your Banner ID into the user ID field and your Banner password into the password field.

If you are having problems, please contact Helpdesk at (912)525-4567 or

What browsers are supported?

To login and use the system effectively, you should have one of the following Internet browsers:

Windows: Mac:

Must I login to MySCAD to access all password-protected areas?

No. Click the following links to access the login sites for e-mail, Web registration and SCAD e-learning.